UniqKnits Marries Function and Fashion in Self-Heating Gloves

by | Nov 28, 2016 | UNIQKNITS™ News

What happens when you blend several high-tech performance yarns into a single glove liner? You get a comfortable, fashionable glove that uses the environment, your skin, and cutting-edge technology to trigger the UNIQKNITS™ patent-pending, heat-generating process within.

We’ve created a fashionable glove that also acts as a therapeutic device. If you have circulatory problems, these gloves may put an end to painful and throbbing fingers without making you feel like you’re wearing a medical device. Our self-heating gloves use a combination of next generation technology combined with your own body to generate warmth. The result is a glove that warms up as you wear it without the addition of heating packs, batteries, or wires.

In partnership with PORTOLANO®, we’ve created a glove that provides ground-breaking functionality in a fashionable package. Our gloves look great and feel great thanks to the help of a centuries-old manufacturer. The history of the Portolano brand dates back to 1895. For more than 120 years, the Portolano firm has manufactured high-quality gloves and other accessories using the best materials and the most advanced technologies. The Portolano® line is developed by professional designers focused on creating collections that are always fashion forward and under the highest quality standards.

As a company, we’re always thinking ahead. We are on the cutting edge of high-tech textiles and fashion, creating the best glove liners that help individuals suffering from circulatory problems in their hands and fingers. UNIQKNITS™ by Portolano® is a unique synthesis of the best of both worlds. Function and fashion have become one in our innovative, self-heating gloves.

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