Self-Heating Glove Technology


UNIQKNITS™ patent pending ground-breaking technology and a unique production method are what set our self-heating gloves apart from other therapeutic gloves on the market. We have invested a lot of effort into the science that goes behind all of our self-heating products because we want to deliver a glove that is less bulky and functional while maintaining fashion.

Using Thermoregulation to Power Self-Warming Gloves 

Our self-warming glove technology uses your body’s natural thermoregulation process to produce sustained heat over the entire hand and fingers. Your cardiovascular system operates by through the process of thermoregulation to allow your body to maintain a safe and functional internal temperature.  Your skin regulates body temperature with blood supply. When your body needs more heat the capillaries near the surface of the skin constrict to trap heat. When the body needs to cool down the blood vessels will expand. Our self heat generating technology is sewn into the revolutionary material, reacts to your body’s temperature, harnesses heat and then redistributes that heat across your fingers and exterminates allowing them to maintain warmth for an extended period of time.

Which Diseases Can Self-Heating Gloves Help?

UNIQKNITS™ therapeutic gloves are effective in reducing pain caused by a number of autoimmune disorders. 

  1. Warming gloves for arthritis can increase mobility of affected joints. 
  2. Self-heated gloves for Raynaud’s disease are effective in applying a consistent level of warmth and increasing blood flow across in hands and fingers.
  3. Providing even heat can reduce numbness caused by diseases that affect connective tissues and make a great pair of gloves for Scleroderma suffers.
  4. Air conditioning, cold drinking glasses, and other common indoor environmental factors can also cause painful flare-ups because of an increased sensitivity to cold temperatures. The thin materials used to make UNIQKNITS™ make them an all-season option and a great choice of gloves for Lupus sufferers.

3D Knitting Creates a Seamless Self-Heating Glove

UNIQKNITS™ also uses new 3D knitting technology to create our garments and gloves. There is no sewing involved in the production of our self-warming gloves. The result is a unique, seamless glove that effectively traps heat, is comfortable, lightweight, and less bulky than any product that relies on battery power.

Fashionable Therapy Gloves

Our unique self-warming technology and state-of-the-art textile manufacturing process create what we believe is the best therapy glove on the market, but we also know that the fashion is important. We produce and sell a variety fo styles and colors so you can find a pair of gloves that matches your style and it won’t look like you are wearing a therapeutic glove for arthritis or Raynaud’s. 

UNIQKNITS™ is a brand you can rely on for advanced technology, scientifically proven self-warming methods, and fashionable gloves.  Click below to view our online store and purchase a pair of therapeutic gloves today! 

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