Hear How UNIQKNITS™ Helped a Raynaud’s Sufferer

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Raynaud's Disease Relief | 0 comments

“I wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful pair of gloves! I just received my striped merino wool gloves, and they are perfect.”

When UNIQKNITS™ customer Ashlee G. reached out to us with these kind words, we immediately wanted to learn more about her story. Ashlee is a Raynaud’s sufferer who had been searching for the right kind of Raynaud’s gloves for relief from her painful symptoms. After she found UNIQKNITS™, Ashlee could finally feel comfortable when the temperature dropped, both indoors and outside. Read on to hear more about Ashlee’s experience and how UNIQKNITS™ self-heating gloves have made her life better.


How long have you had Raynaud’s?

I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s a few years ago when I was 15 or 16.

What are your symptoms like?

At the time, my symptoms included blackish-purple toes, severe peeling off the skin, pain in my hands whenever I transitioned from hot to cold and vice versa, among generally being cold. As I learned how to better manage it, my symptoms decreased to occasionally cold fingers, toes, nose, and ears. I still get pain in my hands whenever the temperature suddenly changes. My perception of hot and cold is rather messed up. I also get random shooting pain from my elbow or wrist down to my fingers, and the same in my legs and feet. This is mostly triggered by cold weather or water.

What type of solutions have you tried for relief?

I have been struggling to find the appropriate gear for indoor and outdoor use. Typically, anything below 70 degrees is too cold. I have tried fingerless/mitten wool gloves in the past, but they wore down quickly and only provided mild relief. Regular winter gloves are far too bulky, and thin pairs of athletic gloves are warm but too hard to type with.

What ultimately led you to UNIQKNITS™ self-heating gloves?

With winter coming, I needed gloves that could adequately protect me as well as remain functional. My dad suggested UNIQKNITS™ as a way to constantly keep my hands warm without the use of regular heated gloves, as those can be dangerous due to perception issues. I also liked UNIQKNITS™ for their wool properties and thin, tight design.

What types of things do you do while wearing your UNIQKNITS™ gloves?

Currently, I use my wool UNIQKNITS™ gloves both indoors and outdoors. Whenever the temperature is around 50-60 or lower, I put on the pair when running errands. Indoors, both the thermal glove liner and regular gloves are excellent for handling freezer foods, typing, drawing, or just general wear when my hands are cold. I’ve also used UNIQKNITS™ at work, where I am constantly going outside, into walk-in refrigerators, and waitressing in often colder temps. I like these gloves for their touchscreen compatibility, style, and fit/warmth. Within minutes my hands are buzzing with heat. The best part is, I can barely tell that they are on!

How do UNIQKNITS™ gloves make your everyday activities easier?

Both the liner and regular wool UNIQKNITS™ gloves are perfect for my activities. They stay close to my skin, which makes typing and managing small objects easier. Due to this, they also keep my hands plenty warm, and help avoid attacks that would temporarily hinder my functioning ability. Likewise, they are not bulky like some gloves, and raise less questions from strangers and coworkers. Overall, UNIQKNITS™ works perfectly in aiding with daily life.


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