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Warm Winter Hats

Maybe the old wives’ tale of losing most of your body heat through your head is false, but the reason it started is because we typically wear clothing outside but not always a warm winter hat! Purchasing and using warm winter hats can stop the heat from even that 10% of body area from escaping, which can make a big difference when the temps are near or below freezing. However, not all winter hats are made equal. From function to fashion, selecting the perfect winter hat can vary by person.

Why Are Winter Hats Important?

While your body’s heat loss depends on the amount of skin you have exposed to the elements, if the rest of you is bundled up but your head is bare you could be losing unnecessary warmth. Wearing a winter hat puts the literal cap on preparedness to brave the elements. You wouldn’t walk out into the snow without a coat on, would you? Then why leave your head out in the cold? Humans control their body temperature through a balance of heat production and heat loss. If you come into contact directly with something cold, like a snowball on bare skin, you lose heat through conduction. If you’re surrounded by cold air, your body loses heat through convection. But your body can also fall victim to something called the “chimney effect,” where cold air infiltrates your clothing and pushes the warm air out through available openings. This is why having well-fitting cold-weather gear like a warm winter hat is crucial.
Uniqknits Warm Winter Hats

What to Look for in Warm Winter Hats?

Finding the best warm winter hat for your body, style, and personality makes keeping warm in cold temps even more effective. So, what should you look for in warm winter hats?

  1. Perhaps the most important thing in choosing a winter hat is the fit. You want to make sure that it fits snuggly but isn’t too tight that it causes a headache or discomfort. On the other hand, you don’t want your hat to be so loose that it slips down as this will allow a higher risk for the chimney effect and cold air can sneak in.
  2. Of course, you want your winter wear to match your style and that includes a warm winter hat! Thankfully, there are lots of options are on the market, including our line of self-heating hats that feature ground-breaking materials technology.
  3. Not all materials are created equal. Winter hats can be constructed from nearly anything but the warmest winter hats use a blend of wool and acrylic materials. This blend patches any shortcomings in each material for an ideal hat. Our unique material uses a blend of merino wool and acrylic that uses your body heat and the environment to produce a self-heating effect.

Why Us?

We’re more than just another winter accessories brand on the market. Our team has years of experience in textile engineering, fashion design, and business development which has given us the ability to create a ground-breaking and technologically advanced materials. With this incredible fabric technology, we’ve been able to create the best warm winter hats and line of cold-weather accessories on the market.
Our technology spent months in testing to ensure that our self-heating material really works. Our tests were conducted in a refrigerated environment using sensors on our products and on competitors at the same time to record results. In every test, our material consistently outperformed anything else out there.
Our winter hats provide warmth without battery power and our material is flexible yet protective. In addition, our line of products come in a variety of colors and patterns to fit every need so you won’t have to sacrifice style to stay warm.

Our Technology

The reason our winter hats are some of the best on the market is because of our unique material and construction. Our scientifically-backed warm winter hats use a mixture of your own body heat, materials science, and the environment to generate heat without a bunch of bulk, wires, or batteries.
The way we make our products is unique. We use high-tech machines that are really more like 3D printers. When our winter hats come off the machines, they need little finishing. There is no sewing required, therefore no seams to cause discomfort or take away from the fit.
Whether you are looking to purchase the best warm winter hats, for you or all of your loved ones, UniqKnits is the brand you can rely on for scientifically backed, technologically advanced, and fashionable options.

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