Therapy Gloves

Therapy Gloves

Our self-heating gloves aren’t just for those that suffer specifically from circulatory problems. A wide range of individuals are battling other ailments and in need of therapeutic gloves that help to alleviate symptoms of an illness or disorder. Therapy gloves can be beneficial in the treatment of a variety of conditions and our line of gloves provides solutions that those sufferers can employ.

Who Needs Therapy Gloves?

Lots of people can benefit from therapy gloves. Initially, we created our gloves for those battling Raynaud’s phenomenon, though people suffering from any range of circulatory issues can benefit from the use of our therapeutic gloves. Even people who are at risk of circulatory issues can benefit from using therapy gloves. Those who are at risk for deep vein thrombosis, have varicose veins, or diabetes are good candidates for therapeutic gloves. In addition, people who aren’t looking to treat a chronic illness may benefit from these kinds of gloves like:

  • People who’ve just gotten surgery
  • Those who’ve suffered an injury that causes edema
  • Those who are bed-bound or have a hard time moving
  • People who stand all day
  • Athletes
  • Pregnant women
  • People who spend long stretches of time on airplanes, like pilots or frequent long-haul business travelers

How Can Therapeutic Gloves Help?

Simply put, therapeutic gloves help by providing warmth, support, and compression to help your circulatory system and joints work better. The compression increases oxygen delivery to muscles, enhances circulation, and provides a quicker removal of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes. Therapy gloves encourage the movement of fluids through the compression and warmth they provide, thereby offering relief from a variety of ailments and issues.

People who’ve experienced an injury or overuse to their hands, like athletes or those who use their hands for high-impact work, can see benefits from therapeutic gloves as well. Compression gloves not only offer additional support to injured tissue, but studies have shown that they can even alter the body’s inflammatory response to speed up healing. It’s thought that the compression can accelerate the repair process in your body’s small tissues.

Why Us?

We are more than just another brand on the market. Our team has extensive experience in textile engineering, fashion design, and business development which gave us the insight to create a groundbreaking, therapeutic technology. By using next-generation fabric technology, we’ve been able to create a self-heating therapy glove that can help a large swath of the population. From those battling poor circulation conditions like Raynaud’s scleroderma, lupus, arthritis, and more, to those just looking for extra support and compression to aid in relief – our innovative products are the solution.

We spent months testing our unique material to prove that it truly works. In a refrigerated environment, we employed sensor testing in real-time on two different products simultaneously. In each test, our material outperformed anything else on the market for self-heating.

We think our gloves solve a real issue. Our gloves provide warmth without battery power and offer support through trapping warmth in instead of letting it escape. We’ve created a fashionable glove that can act as a therapeutic device for anyone battling debilitating circulatory conditions, those in the market for compression gloves, or for those who enjoy the comfort of toasty, supported hands.

Our Technology

The difference between our therapeutic gloves and others on the market is the science behind our patent pending material and construction. Our therapy gloves combine your own body heat, materials science, and the environment to generate an even, constant heat to keep hands warm and supported without the use of batter power. Since there’s no battery pack or external power source required, our gloves are less bulky, more fashionable, and more functional.

The construction of our therapy gloves is also unique. We use high-tech machines that are really more like 3D printers. When our gloves come off the machines, they need little finishing. There is no sewing involved, therefore no seams to cause discomfort or take away from the compression capabilities. Our unique technology and process make it possible for us to produce a heated therapy glove that isn’t bulky but provides constant support and warmth.

Our gloves use your own body processes to produce sustained warmth. Your cardiovascular system works with thermoregulation that keeps the body at a healthy temperature. This system activates when you are either too hot or too cold. When your body senses coldness, capillaries near the surface of the skin constrict to trap in heat. Our technology harnesses this heat to increase and maintain warmth in fingers and extremities.

Whether you are looking to purchase gloves for therapeutic purposes, or to just keep your hands warm during cold months, UniqKnits is the brand you can rely on for scientifically backed, technologically advanced and fashionable gloves.

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