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Cold weather means bitter temperatures and the ever-increasing struggle to keep your hands warm. While thick, warm gloves do the trick, they can hamper your mobility and make you look like you’re fresh off the slopes. Finding the perfect thin, warm gloves is key in being able to comfortably enjoy a functional winter season. Uniqknits offers a line of gloves, liners, and accessories featuring ground-breaking materials science technology to keep you warm all season.


The reason we offer some of the best warm gloves on the market is because of our unique material and construction. Our scientifically-backed thin warm gloves use a mixture of your own body heat, materials science, and the environment to generate an even, constant heat without a bunch of bulk. Because our warm winter gloves require no battery power, they’re slimmer, more fashionable, and most importantly, more functional.

The way we make our thin warm gloves is unique. We use technologically advanced machines that are really more like 3D printers. By the time our gloves come off the machines, they need little finishing. There is no sewing required, therefore no seams to cause discomfort or take away from the slim fit. The combination of our unique technology and process make it possible for us to produce some of the warmest gloves on the market without the bulkiness that comes with the heat.

Whether you are looking to purchase the best warm gloves for your career needs, or to just keep your hands toasty during cold months when you’re enjoying outdoor activities, UniqKnits is the brand you can rely on for scientifically backed, technologically advanced, and fashionable gloves.

Uniqknits Therapeutic Glove Technology


We are more than just another brand on the market. Our team has extensive experience in textile engineering, fashion design, and business development which has given us the ability to create a ground-breaking, therapeutic technology. With next-generation fabric technology, we’ve been able to create thin, warm glove and line of accessories like no others on the market.

We spent months testing our unique self-heating material to prove that it truly works. In a refrigerated environment, we used double-sensor testing in real-time on two different products at the same time. In each test, our material outperformed anything else on the market.

Our warm gloves aren’t bulky, and they offer the mobility that people want. Our gloves provide warmth without battery power and our material is flexible and thin yet protective. In addition, our line of products come in a variety of styles and colors to fit every need.


So, what should you look for in a great pair of thin warm gloves? A few elements are key in making sure you have the mobility and warmth you need to keep you going all winter.

No zipper. Many warm winter gloves come with a zipper to seal out the cold and keep in warmth. But this zipper adds to the bulkiness and retracts from mobility. If you’re looking for thin, warm gloves – lose the zipper.

No stuffing. Stuffing is what makes traditional warm gloves very bulky and unwieldy. While it makes for great insulation, stuffing can even make it difficult to do simple things like hold cups or a steering wheel properly.

Accompanying thinner liner. While having one layer of a thin glove is great, adding another layer is ideal. Layers work as insulation to generate heat and keep it in. However, many layered gloves also come at a cost of decreased dexterity. Great thin warm gloves come with options like a thin liner and thin outer layer.

Slim material. Even without stuffing, some of the best warm gloves are made with bulky material that takes away from your mobility. Thin, warm gloves should be made of a slim material that allows for easy movement.

In addition to a slim fabric, the flexibility of the material used in a thin glove is key.

Good fit. Beyond construction and materials used, perhaps the most important thing to look for in a thin warm glove is the fit. If the gloves don’t fit well, they won’t provide optimum warmth or mobility.

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Why choose between mobility and warmth? Finding the best warm gloves is usually a trade-off: Either your hands are toasty and comfortable and you can’t really use your fingers, or your hands are freezing but you have mobility. With Uniqknits ground-breaking technology, you don’t have to choose! Our thin warm gloves provide unique self-heating technology that uses a combination of your own body heat and the environment to create warmth without the bulkiness of other standard options.

Thin gloves offer the mobility you need in combination with the warmth you desire. Those who work outdoors in cold temperatures, but require excellent dexterity need gloves that keep fingers warm without a ton of bulky fabric. People like lineworkers, ice skating rink staff, EMTs, and more can benefit from thin warm gloves that allow them to continue to do their jobs while keeping their hands protected from the bitter cold. Even those just seeking to remain active outdoors when the temperature drops can benefit from using thin warm gloves.


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