What Are Compression Gloves Used For?

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Compression gloves can be used for a variety of ailments and issues. These multi-purpose hand savers provide support, compression, and warmth. Compression gloves are great for people who suffer from joint-related ailments like arthritis or other auto-immune disorders, or those who are recovering from injuries, surgeries, or burns. While UNIQKNITS™ gloves are not compression gloves, they do provide ground-breaking technology that can aid in arthritis symptoms. Using therapy gloves with warmth and support, like our line of gloves provide, can ease pain and discomfort of those suffering with a joint disease as well as reduce healing time for those recovering from injuries. One of the biggest questions people ask when it comes to this type of therapy is: do compression gloves help arthritis?

Simply put, yes compression gloves can help arthritis suffers. Arthritis attacks the joints, particularly those located in the hands and fingers. Some of the body’s smallest joints can cause the greatest amount of pain for those suffering from arthritis. Using compression gloves for arthritis can alleviate some of the discomfort associated with this inflammatory disease. In fact, occupational therapists recommend the use of therapeutic gloves for arthritis.

Therapeutic gloves can be used to reduce swelling through gentle pressure on the hands. In addition, the support they provide to joints through compression, can reduce stiffness and pain. By keeping joints warm and supported, the inflammatory response is reduced. It’s recommended that those with arthritis wear therapeutic gloves overnight while they sleep. The suggested wear time is around eight hours, so wearing compression gloves while you sleep is ideal and will can also help with reducing stiffness in the joints that many experience in the morning.

The best type of therapy gloves for arthritis are those that provide gentle support in combination with a sustained warmth. While our gloves are not compression gloves, UNIQKNITS™ gloves use ground-breaking technology to produce heat using your body and the environment. Many suffering from auto-immune diseases, including arthritis, have found solace through the use of our gloves. If you’re on the hunt for warm, therapeutic gloves, head over to our online store to check out the options.


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