5 Reasons to Gift Self-Heating Gloves This Holiday

by | Nov 9, 2017 | UNIQKNITS™ News

The Gift of Warmth & Hand Pain Relief

At some point, everyone has gotten a pair of standard gloves as part of a holiday gift. Maybe they’ve been colorful, maybe they’ve been soft, but does the pair of gloves you’ve been gifted come with self-heating technology? Gifting our self-heating gloves is a great way to show your loved ones that you care. Here are five reasons UNIQKNITS™ gloves make the best holiday gift for people with Arthritis, Raynaud’s disease, or those who are suffering from hand pain and need relief!


5 Reasons UNIQKNITS™ is the Best Cold Weather Gift

  1. Unique Self-Heating Technology: Everyone has gloves, but few people have gloves that warm up without battery power! Our ground breaking, patent pending technology allows us to create self-heating gloves that trap the heat and offers hand pain relief and warmth to wearers.
  2. Elegant Look & No-Sew Knit: Our gloves come in a range of simple and elegant colors to match any wardrobe. Many of the heated gloves on the market are bulky and unattractive. Our forward-thinking 3D knitting production create a lightweight, fashionable glove that will fit in with any style and look – just like standard gloves.
  3. Instant Relief in Cold Weather: What’s the best way to show a friend who is always cold that you care? Find the perfect cold weather gift that delivers warmth. Our unique fabric effectively generates and retains heats itself so hands and fingers benefit from better circulation and snug, cozy comfort.
  4. Help for Hands Suffering from Autoimmune Pain: Do you know someone who suffers from Raynaud’s Disease, Arthritis, or another circulatory issue? Giving the gift of gloves this holiday could be a real hand-saver. Keeping extremities warm can be crucial in managing the symptoms of Raynaud’s and other diseases.
  5. Flawless Function: Perhaps the best reason to give UNIQKNITS™ gloves this holiday is that they actually work! If your loved one suffers from hand pain and circulatory problems it is likely they’ve tried many pairs of gloves and were left disappointed. Our therapy gloves generate and sustain heat. Hear how UNIQKNITS™ gloves provided much needed hand pain relief for one of our customers.


Wrap Up UNIQKNITS™ Gloves This Holiday Season

Choose the best cold weather gift and give the gift of warmth during the coldest time of the year. No matter where you live, someone you know can enjoy the benefits of our self-heating gloves. Check out our fashionable gloves in a variety of colors and get your holiday shopping under way. And, if you’re not sure on which style and color your loved one would enjoy most – give a gift card. Shop UNIQKNITS™ today!


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