3 Ways to Manage Raynaud’s Phenomenon

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Uncategorized

Even though the summer months are in full swing, that doesn’t mean that your Raynaud’s is dormant. From cold office temperatures to making frosty recipes to enjoy in the hot sun, your Raynaud’s can flare up even in the heat of summer. Don’t put those gloves for Raynaud’s sufferers away with the rest of your winter garb. In addition to using gloves year-round, here are some other tips on managing your Raynaud’s syndrome.

Stay Healthy

Keeping your overall health as a top priority is a crucial to managing Raynaud’s syndrome. From doing things like quitting smoking to focusing on a healthy diet, overall positive life choices can help you manage this ailment. Keep a consistent exercise plan. Exercising can increase and improve circulation, however, if you’re planning on exercising outside in colder months – be sure to dress for it!

Stay Warm

As simple as it sounds, especially in the summer, staying warm is the best way to manage Raynaud’s syndrome. If you work in an office that tends to keep the AC cranked all summer, be sure to wear gloves for Raynaud’s sufferers while you’re at work. If you notice the temperature of your hands beginning to drop, run them under warm water to try and stave off an attack. Keep hand warmers in your desk for particularly cold days. Anything you’d do during the winter can be transferred into chilly offices.

Stay Relaxed

Sometimes stress and anxiety can trigger a flare up of Raynaud’s. Staying out of stressful situations and keeping anxiety under control are key to avoiding an episode of numb, white fingers and hands. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and focus on breath. Focusing on breathing can reduce stress, lower your heart rate, and can even slow aging. Combining focused breathing with exercise, like yoga, is the perfect combination to keep your Raynaud’s in check.

Making small changes in your life can have a big impact on managing Raynaud’s syndrome. Whether it’s starting a new exercise plan or focusing on meditation, staying healthy is key. Discover how to stay warm with Raynaud’s using UNIQKNITS™ wireless heated glove liners vs other products.


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