Be Prepared for the Next Cold Wave with UNIQKNITS Self-Heating Gloves

Our self-heating gloves use the combination of next generation technology, your own body heat and the environment. The result is a heated glove that warms up as you wear it without heating gel packs, batteries or wires. If you are looking for the best Raynaud's Gloves or just looking for heated gloves to keep your hands toasty when it's cold outside, when you wear UNIQKNITS gloves, you don't have to choose between comfort and fashion.



These self-heating gloves come in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics.



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  • "I clean out the freezer. Where before I couldn't hold freezer items for any length of time, with the gloves it was tolerable for much longer. So I definitely found them to be working and helpful. I think the best..."

    -Linda Bethill
  • "North Carolina gets surprisingly cold in the winter, especially when you're a teacher and have bus and recess duty. When I moved down here from Pennsylvania last year I was not expecting my hands to get cold and numb just..."

    -Jill Simmons
  • "UNIQKNITS gloves are really fab! Kept my hands warm longer than anything else in the last 18 years. Functional, fashionable, comfortable and washable. Doesn't get better than that. Congrats on a great product!"

    -Bernadette Willard (Raynaud’s sufferer since 1998)
  • "I’ve used the gloves a number of time in air conditioned rooms that were cool to the point of my hands being very cold. In every case, my hands warmed up quickly. On several occasions at work, I was able..."


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